What was that?! 5 hilarious sports gaming glitches

Top 5 sports gaming glitches

We all love well crafted games. Those moments when they make us sit back, rendered speechless at their beauty or a stunning revelation, are hard to rival.

And then… and then there are those moments when it doesn’t quite come together so well. When characters fall through the level, or when the head of an NPC starts slowly spinning without them so much as blinking, the spell is broken.

On the plus side, these glitches provide us with some of our fondest gaming memories (well, ours at any rate). They prove that even the biggest developers can slip up and provide us with a glorious sliver of unintended hilarity. And when they happen in sports games – with their emphasis on cutthroat competition and win-at-all-costs mentality, the effect is wonderfully amplified.

From football to basketball, cricket and a whole lot more, join us as we run through some of the funniest bugs to make their debut in the world of sports gaming.

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