The Next Level Gaming

The gaming industry is pretty frenzied.

It is a world of major releases and multi-million dollar projects, a swarming microcosm where every eagerly anticipated product is described as “groundbreaking” or “game changing”. It is a world of screaming headlines and gushing hyperbole.

The Next Level Gaming aims to be different. This site will take a more measured look at the headlines, probing beneath them and asking the unanswered questions.

Who are the people with the big ideas, and what are they doing? What truly changed the industry and made it what it is today? Are video games a useful means of promotion for bands? What does the rise of mobile gaming mean for console platforms, and what about its impact on human productivity? Or on human culture? These are the sorts of questions we will attempt to answer.

And we won’t stop there. Over the coming weeks and months we’re looking to feature interviews with some key players in the industry, be they those that make the games happen or well known gamers. We want to tell both sides of the story and find out what makes these people tick.

That’s where you come in. If you have a great idea or there’s something you would like to write about, we would love to hear from you. The Next Level Gaming aims to be a community site for gamers, written and created by gamers. You, as the audience and as gamers, are key to this.

So drop us a line on Facebook or send us a tweet, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

I’m Alex, in case you’re interested. I also run FIFA Scouting Tips, a website dedicated to finding the best emerging talent on EA Sports’ FIFA titles. You can like the site on Facebook or follow it on Twitter here. Or you can follow me on Twitter, if you like.

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